Give us an opportunity to do what we do best!

You do the hard work, we'll do the heavy lifting.

Developing a good working relationship is important. We want you to focus on the outcome of your project.  If you are successful, you'll want to come back with all your future real estate investment deals.




        100% Funding on Qualified Deals!

 Funding for your qualified Bridge Loan is based on a percentage of the After Repair Values. Lenders will fund 55% to 70%! for                  Rehabs !             

Poor Credit Scores Don't Have to be a     Deal Breaker! 

Simple Interest on Bridge Loans!

No Prepayment Penalty!

  Hard Money and Private Money lenders can say,  "Yes", when banks say, "No!"


Your Preferred Choice for Private Money Broker

Contact our office because we can find the right lender to fund your next Investment Project!
Bring me the details of the deal and I'll find the funding!
Deal + Money = Profitable Investment

                         Funding for all your real estate investment needs!

  • Our goal is to develop a long lasting relationship with our clients and continue to provide excellent service.
  • We will find the best options fo your real estate investment needs!
  • We will use our relationships with private, commercial and hard money lenders to bring you the best rates possible.
  • We will coordinate the application process for you.
  • We will get you to the closing table as quickly as possible.